So I’ve finally done it…set up my blog page that is! Maybe this will be one of the things that I stick with, like, eh, like…emm, well you get the picture! I’m a mum of 3, ranging in age from 22 to 3 – yep, 18 years between the first and the last! And sure, even though I’ve been a mammy since I was 18, I’m still living on a wing and a prayer, but as I always say, if I do a head count at the end of the day, and I still have 3 kids, then I’m doing ok!

My life has always had twists and turns, and nothing ever seems to go smoothly, but sure I’ll always give it a shot, and usually laugh at my mistakes – and they normally make pretty good stories too!!!

This blog started out with me trying to get my sh*t together before I hit 40…and all the issues (excuses) that normally get in the way, however I turned 40 last November and I most definitely have not gotten my sh*t together! I’m hoping to make it a mix of life hacks, reviews, ┬ástories (which will either revolve around me making a show of myself, or my two wild boys making a holy show of me and my house!) and just general randomness!