You couldn’t make it up!

Slummy Mummies Unite

If you didn’t know what age I was, one way to give a fairly good guess would be to look at the content of the insta stories that I have watched over the last few weeks. Lest you think that I am following the gorgeous, trendy beauty bloggers, I am, but they are way out of my league. If you’re talking about cleansers, I can guarantee that they’re for kitchens not faces, bleach is for toilets not teeth, buffers are for windows and floors – not skin and zoflora is most definitely not a delivery from a secret admirer.


They don’t call it labour for nuthin!

I read an article earlier on a Facebook page,  it was about a mum who was telling her birth story and she basically said "take all the drugs, ALL the drugs,  there's no medals etc etc" Now that's fair enough, because that's her opinion, and as the saying goes, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has … Continue reading They don’t call it labour for nuthin!